Séparateur de voie

Strong is a new generation of separator channel . Its ingenious design makes it stable enough without having to fill it with water or sand .

It consists of two parts, a basic plastic recycled 18 kg and a slight barrier HDPE plastic.

Strong separator path is about 3 times heavier than a conventional path separator unfilled.

Strong is the compact, to create multiple layouts , round, linear, curved ... With only 6 Strongs you can create a roundabout.

The new type of separator channel Strong is the ideal alternative to traditional separator . More profitable, you will save labor and différencierez you from your competitors.


  • Weighted 18 kg of recycled plastic base, standard black color.
  • Plastic barrier in high stainless-density polyethylene (HDPE) available in red, white and orange.
  • Stability without the need for ballast.
  • Designed for easy and minimal storage. (Cost of reduced port)
  • System disassembly anti junction.
  • Flexibility provisions, square, roundabout, linear ...
  • Available with / without retroreflective tape.
  • Maybe customizable with logo and company color.


  • Produced from recycled plastic and 100% recyclable.
  • Quick and easy installation, cost of reduced labor.
  • Empty weight = separator Strong: 21kg / 7.5 kg conventional separator.
  • Perhaps enhanced with a steel grille.


Ref. product 0639
Height 660 mm
Length 1000mm
Width 520 mm
Weight 21 kg
Number per pallet 18
Color Top: red, white and orange base: black (other coylours on request)


Delimitation of traffic, public works, roads, construction sites, etc.